Sweet little tiger
Light me a fire
Shed your simple skin
And graft me
a May pole
To set a scene
Akin to that of Salem
And model a
Moment of history
And craving



things you can do in the uk at 16 years of age

  • get married (with parental permission)
  • start a family
  • join the army where they use guns and bombs and shit
  • move out

things you can’t do in the uk at 16 years of age

  • buy a pair of scissors

are you serious

You are legally allowed to smoke and have sex but cannot:

A) Buy glue or

B) DVD’s rated 12/15 unless you just happen to be carrying your passport, which of course you won’t be.

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Let me just hold you for a while, a slight minute longer. I can feel the shifting of your soul drifting further but just one more minute, I’m gunna hold you closer.

How did you feel, tell me exactly without the shrug and the averted eyes. Tell me with similes and metaphors and tears in your eyes, don’t tell me “it’s whatever,” look at me and try.

I wanted small marbled muscles, on long lean limbs. Now I want the opposite because I have seen you.

I can’t stop thinking that maybe if I beg to the deities I do not believe in, they’ll grant me your favoured graces.

She wakes up screaming, and says she can’t remember what it was she was dreaming.

Tightening the hinges
So lock the door
The chaos is coming
He’s bringing a claw

Tightening the hinges
So lock the door
The chaos is coming
He’s bringing a claw

Senseless trade offs
Are often caught
In saddening eyes
And closer ends

The intricacy of diamond sparkled flesh drew over the scars, of the human condition we are all to afraid to show.

The tree leaves are bleached grey, and green in height of the summer sun. I put them in a blender and ground them down to tea. Drunk in the light of a tripping phase, it all tasted wonderful.

Each finger felt the frosted chill of the ice cubes in the pitcher as gulp by gulp my mind ran for oblivion.

Languishing a minute longer will sweep the moon to glide into the suns orbit. What are you waiting for.

Lets leave now, because we can leave in a heartbeat and not look back. The sky will welcome the adventure and the world won’t stop turning.

Fireflies light a way ahead, into unknown passages we gingerly tread. The road is long and the course is short, but I think I found something beyond the sun.