Can the rest of the UK have independence from Westminster please?

Honestly it’s like the Scottish think we English get it great, because we are governed by the English. Do you know who else hates the English government, the English. At least you had a chance at getting away.

"English MPs don’t care about poverty in Scotland!"

Scottish Nationalists who don’t care about poverty in England (via fuckyesbritishhistory)

So the Scottish kicked up a fuss and then went, “nah, we’re alright.” Every reporter on the news is smiling (here in England anyway.)

I spent it on my knees.

The large duck man
Spreads wings of fire
To capture planes
From his desire

I hope your sunsets and rises several times a day, and gives more chances at a new beginning.

She smiles with
Pearls but displays
Straight fangs
Tell me she hurts
And takes me for
All I have

What if he’s there to be horrified, to be wrapped up in the idea I like to present.

I really fucking scare myself sometimes.

Being on earth is like being on a plane flying through the universe thousands of miles an hour with no pilot.

- philosophy teacher, “does anyone in here get vertigo?” “Yeah,” “great listen to this.”

I’m trying to proclaim
“Life is goddamn beautiful”
But I tend
To get stuck
And choke
“Life is ..”
And any word
I have to end
It is

- the cut out of negatives from a poem.

Because when the girl told me I had done something wrong I was annoyed, but when he said it I wanted to be thrown down and punished.

- the guy I work with isn’t that good looking, but I like authority.

I couldn’t really stop myself from reaching into infinity and pulling something back. Tearing down the order against all known consent.

I watched it rise above us both when you walked into the dark. The eyes once brown now green and a tongue, pale and divided.